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What is NLP?

NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, is the art and science of using the brain to it’s fullest potential. Studies have shown that the average person only uses a small fraction of the brain’s full capabilities. Here at PTOIE, we dissect your thought processes, streamline your mental faculties and show you how NLP can let you be the best you can possibly be.

How can it help me?

NLP is a proven game-changer, in every aspect of your life. Supercharge your brain and become a superstar salesperson; it’s all possible with the power of NLP. Benefit from world-class instruction by an entrepreneur.

Institute of Excellence

PTO Institute Of Excellence helps organizations all over Singapore with their training needs. PTOIE has engaged renowned businessman and entrepreneur Mr Peter Tan Shou Yi to be the master trainer of these courses.

A Message From Our Founder

Peter Tan, Founder & Certified NLP Master Educator

“I credit my success to the lessons I’ve learned from NLP.”

We Guarantee Results!

Satisfied Graduates


The Road to your Success

Our program is a transformative process that is tailored to help you maximize your potential.




True Excellence.

Achieve extraordinary outcomes.

What Will I Learn?

Power of Change

Create a more powerful image of yourself, and be transformed!

Power of Belief

Understand what makes a great individual, and how to utilize Neuro Linguistics Programming to inspire yourself to the next paradigm.

Power of Self Actualisation

Learn how to apply Neuro Linguistics Programming to achieve your targets and your final destination.

Power of Conditioning

Understand the in-depth psychology of the subconscious mind and create powerful habits to live successfully.


“Peter’s lessons transformed my life in a profound way.”

Tan Wu HaoFinancial Services Director

Projected Improvements

Improvements After Course

Insurance Sales 93%
Real Estate Sales 69%
Telemarketing Sales 42%

True Mastery.

Gain a deeper understanding of your conscious and subconscious mind.

What Will I Learn?

Creation of Mantras (Self Belief System)

Self Hypnosis to Rejuvenate Your Mind

Phobia Management to Remove Fears

Find Your Purpose In Life

Ready to change your life?


Goal Setting

“Begin with the end in mind.”

What Will I Learn?

According to Steven Covey, “Begin with an End in Mind”. Goal setting is crucial and essential to ensure that you achieve optimal performance in your life. Most people fail to aim. The ancient Chinese philisopher Confucius illustrates the essentials of goal setting to four of his favorite disciples as such: “To set a goal is to know your final destination, craft the path and begin the journey.”

Knowing “why” comes from inner motivation. There are a few famous theories in motivation such as Theory X and Theory Y, Maslow Hierarchy, Hygiene Factor, and Expectancy Theory. What really works depends on the subjects that are being motivated. Different strokes are used for distinct individuals to achieve ideal outcomes. When you are motivated, you are able to draw more resources to accomplish the task that was given to you. Motivation is the key to successful goal-setting.


“Are entrepreneurs born or bred?”

What Will I Learn?

Are entrepreneurs born or bred? The acumen and “guts” of successful entrepreneurs are inimitable. Some are just born with the special ability to look at an enterprise and say “yes!” To the majority however, it is not the way. A systematic approach to business analysis and evaluation is crucial.

Luckily, hope still exists for those born without special abilities. There are always keys lessons that we can learn to become better entrepreneurs. Firstly, it must come from an attitude; being prepared to take risks. But this risk is calculated and not pure risk, based on sound assumptions and projections.

The next important element is to have a business plan that can withstand the challenges through time. Cashflow and profitability cannot be mixed up. There must be enough cashflow to see through the profitability of the business venture.

In any business plan, there must be three sub plans known as the operation plan, the organization plan and the finance plan. These are integral parts of a sound and sustainable business plan.

Quotient Theory

“Today, having a higher IQ is simply not enough.”

What Will I Learn?

Traditional ideas about intelligence have become outdated in today’s highly competitive environment. Today, having a high IQ is not enough. Being smart (high IQ) is good, but it is more important to be able to analyze issues and resolve them with the resources available. This is Practical Intelligence, part of the Intelligence Quotient as explained by Edward De Bono, the father of lateral thinking. However, in your day to day interactions, you need to influence people and get them to agree with you. This requires high Emotional Intelligence, according to Daniel Goleman. People like people who are like themselves. People like people who like them.

Almost every person you speak to can handle and accept success very well. Nevertheless, life is never as smooth as we want it to be. The ability to deal with failure may be more essential than levering with success. This is Adversity Quotient as explained by Paul Stoltz. The next intelligence is Spiritual Intelligence, which represents your ability to re-conceptualize your past experiences and be able to transcend and transform your perception with your sense of reality. In other words, it is the shifting of your paradigm or basic belief system. SQ gives you a sense of your aspiration and inspiration; your meaning in lives and affirms your long-term visions. It is the key to the creation of a fourth dimension in thinking and behavioral patterns.

The last quotient you need is financial quotient, the intelligence of making money and people work for you and creating recurrent income out of assets to acquire wealth and financial freedom. The concept of the Financial Quotient was propounded and popularized by PTOIE Master Trainer, Mr. Peter Tan. Always remember the 20% rule, and your wealth will grow exponentially in no time.

Face Reading

“Our faces tell 70% of the story.”

What Will I Learn?

It is well-known that the first impression is the most lasting imprint of a relationship. 70% of the first impression derives from the half metre sq of your body, which is your face. Our face tells the entire life journey of our past, present and future.It is made up of 3 parts for the purpose of reading and analysis. There are five important chambers which reveal the 12 mysteries of our lives. Analyzing the face helps us understand and manage our family (parents, marriage and children) relationships better, thus enhancing happiness.

It reveals the channel of our wealth, whether from business, career, real estate or just purely luck. Understanding how to read faces give us a deeper appreciation of whether we are able to accumulate them over the years. It also shows whether we are likely stay put locally or travel extensively.
In addition, it gives us indications about our state of health and areas which we should pay particular attention to. This is also why getting plastic surgery on your face can change the course of your life’s destiny. A beautiful nose does not necessarily imply a good life ahead!

We are born with a certain fate that is validated through our facial features. One most powerful truth you must know is that your facial features will change over the course of your life, revealing the secrets of your future. Understanding face reading is as good as predicting the future with absolute certainty.

Real Estate

“Multiply your Wealth today.”

What Will I Learn?

Real Estate is properly the single most expensive asset that an individual can own for an average income holder. For those who desire to be richer, real estate investment is an instrument that you must use effectively to acquire wealth. Any mistake in real estate investment can shatter your dreams completely. Most  tycoons around the world accumulate their wealth  from real estate. Lee Ka-shing, once said “It is always too late to purchase a real estate. That means, you have to own one as soon as possible. Unfortunately, most people do not have enough knowledge to buy or sell real estate in the most cost effective way.

I will walk you through the regulations and guidelines for investing in real estate in Singapore and a glimpse of properties worldwide. In addition, you would want to understand the various characteristics and factors in investing in real estate (residential, commercial and industrial). More importantly, you need to understand the pitfalls of investing in real estate.

Inside Real Estate, a compilation of the dirty tricks that some real estate agents employ, or unscrupulous landlord/seller/buyer engage in. You must be fully aware to prevent yourself walking into their traps.

Real estate investment, an absolute MUST to build your wealth!

Zi Wei

“The map shows us our destiny.”

What Will I Learn?

When the sun and the moon radiates unto the earth, it produces a combined energy. When we are born at certain period or time, we absorb such energy, and it formulates our future. With our birth date and time, we are destined to live a certain pattern of lives. The live chart of Zi Wei would depict our relationship with our families, our marriage, our siblings, our career, our wealth and our travelling. The map shows us our destiny. However, it will continue to change as you continue to live your life. Though our destiny is fixed, how we live this life would change the predestined destiny? Isn’t it amazing? The life chart would also predict when is our “danger” year; in which we should avoid making major decision and etc. It is well known that Zi Wei Dou Shu predicts much more accurately than “Ba Zi” in most instances.

“It is well known that Zi Wei Dou Shu predicts much more accurately than ‘Ba Zi’ in most instances.”




Life Coaching

“The best player definitely has the best coach.”

What Will I Learn?

Everybody needs a coach. It is because; a good coach helps to be better than the best. In sport, the best player may not be the best coach. But the best player definitely has the best coach. The coach does not make decision on our behalf. The coach only helps us to see things from different lights and angle, put forth many possibilities and help us to make better decision. We are still the final mastery of our destiny.

The coaching program will teach you how to be a better coaching and bring your people from good to great, to excel and perform at their optimum. It would also highlight some of the fundamental errors that amateur coaches make. It also explains the do and don’t for a coach and in coaching sessions. The relationship between the coach and the coachee is delicate and is built on absolute trust. Once that is broken, it would end the relationship instantly. The program highlights which are the areas of relationship that is taboo and the coach must never venture into. Finally, the program teaches you how to be an excellent coach at all times and be at your best!




True Mastery

“To live a life of joy, passion and purpose.”

What Will I Learn?

“Visualise your purpose in life and acquire skills to achieve optimal results.”




Personal Data Protection Act Quick Start Programme

Practical steps on how your business can comply with the PDPA.”

What Will I Learn?

“Comply with the requirements of the PDPA – quickly and painlessly.”

The “PDPA Quick-start Programme” is the only workshop in the market to provide participants with comprehensive course materials to enable organisations to immediately comply with the requirements of the PDPA – quickly and painlessly. These materials have been drafted with the PDPA requirements in mind and include ready-made Organisational PDPA corporate policy and PDPA compliant contract/website/customer templates for immediate adoption by organisations. The 3 hour workshop aims to not only help organisations understand their obligations under the PDPA but also how to modify the templates provided to suit their business situation.




Guaranteed Performance Increase in All Aspects of Your Life!




Feng Shui 101

Gain a deep understanding of the basics of fengshui and how it manifests itself in your everyday life.

Change your life with Feng Shui

Understand the basics of Feng Shui

Learn to influence and balance these energies to empower and enrich yourself


Learn the fundamentals of the ancient art of palmistry.

How will palmistry improve my life?

Analyse what the future holds for you

Learn how to best improve your quality of living

Gain a deeper understanding of the implications of karmic consequences

A wise man once said, “The future is in your hands.” What many people don’t know is that their fates are literally depicted in the lines of their palms. Each line, deep or shallow can tell a story about your current and future state of life. Palm-reading basically explores the six areas governing your life path; your wisdom (your level of intelligence, religious/philosophical inclination); your character (rebellious, hardworking); your wealth (luck, career, richness and entrepreneurial ability); your emotions (including marriage, intimate relationships, relationship with others, reputation and health.

Understanding the intricacies of palm-reading will give you inside knowledge about the mysteries of life. A good knowledge of the palm lines will explain why things happen the way they do, as well as give insights into events that have not yet come to pass. Many people are unaware that their palm lines can change day by day, constantly unfolding the secrets of your life path. It is for you to discern and understand these mysteries.


Understand the power of name numbers and how it permeates through your life.

Why Numerology?

Learn to pick numbers

Uncover the secrets and truths of lucky numbers

Improve your quality of life through the energy vibrations of numbers

As early as the 6th century BCE, mathematicians like Pythagoras have been studying the science of numbers. We are all created for a purpose and born with a map of life through our birth date and name. Each number that we have constitutes a form of energy vibration. We learn numerology to live up to our positive constructive energy, down play our negative destructive energy and avoid self-destruction.

For example, if you were to add your birth date to your life path number, it would result in a specific vibration that can guide you throughout your life. Your name also has a unique vibration, but it is broken down into vowels and consonants that have different sets of vibrations. Together, they form the Numerical Grid of your life that constitutes your physical, mental, emotional, and intuitive states.

Another revelation comes in the form of your pinnacle numbers, which represent key learning experiences or signposts that signify the height of our potential achievements. The converse of this is the Challenge years, which are the characteristics that are repressed by your subconscious. Acknowledging these characteristics will make you a stronger and more resourceful person.

Each of us has also a personal year number which reveals the trend of events during the current year. A good perception of the number will help you avoid trouble, and provide insight on how to direct your personal affairs and how to get the best from the experiences.

A combination of these numbers can be plotted to a life chart which would give a macro view of the number vibration on a year by year basis. Understanding these numbers help you to find your opportunities, avoid pitfalls and live happier.

Agency Management.

Are you building a productive insurance agency?

What Will I Learn?

Our Student's Results

Learn Nuances of Body Language

Learn to Speed Read

Maximize Your Memory

Master Concentration Techniques

Increase in Overall productivity

Increase in KPI

Why Agency Management?

Insurance agency management is nothing new; it dates back a few hundred years to when the gurus from the States build big and successful agencies. Incidentally, there is no infrastructure available in Singapore to build Mega tied agency. The next best alternative is to build productive agencies.

PTO was formed in 2004 and has been the top organization since its formation. Till today, after many transformations in compliance with the regulations, PTO still leads the industry as the number one company.
Her success in agency building is attributed to strong and dedicated leadership. The entire management just focused on doing one thing right – Agency Management. Coupled with an exhaustive accountability and monitoring system, the financial consultants are put through a stringent selection process with emphasis on clear moral, ethical and professional standards.

The organization focuses on strong recruitment ideology (Fun, Passion and Purpose) in bringing the best into the industry. With clear supervision and accountability, supported through I-Time Genie (in-house mobile application), the consultants are guided scientifically. With careful planning, the management has derived many client acquisition strategies and models for the consultant to find their customers though the most appropriate methodology. Customer service and satisfaction are top priorities to ensure continual success. This is ensured through the use of tools like ICON, our proprietary mobile application to provide concierge service to existing customers and PTO SG Rating, our customer feedback channel.

Finally, PTO believes in Corporate Social Responsibility. Our belief is that giving back to society is just as important as making a living. To that end, we have started a $1 million PTO Endowment Fund in partnership with Singapore Management University in Singapore to provide bursaries for needy student in the School of Economics.




True East.

The perfect course for personal inspiration and self-actualization.

What Will I Learn?

Learn From the Great Philosophers

Make Effective Decisions

Why True East?

The future and development of modern civilization is to trace back 25000 years to learn from the great philosophers of China. True East, personal development in the 21st century, reflects the teachings of Kong Zi, Lao Zi and other Grand masters, which encompasses the essence of Confucius’ teaching, Dao De Ching and I Ching. The course will walk you through the decision making process, utilization of assets, the five intelligence, communication techniques, personalities, mental attitudes, paradox of life and the truth. Combined with my life experience and management of multi millions sales organization, True East is a perfect course for personal inspiration and self-actualization.







About PTO Institute of Excellence

Asia’s premier self improvement institute.




About Us

About Us

PTO Institute Of Excellence helps organizations all over Singapore with their training needs. PTOIE has engaged renowned businessman and entrepreneur Mr Peter Tan Shou Yi to be the master trainer of these courses.

“To provide quality service to the public and helping everyone to achieve better in life.”

“To help organizations in Singapore with their self-development and also helping to empower individuals to bring out their inner potential and understand themselves better.”

Peter Tan, Founder

Mr Peter Tan Shou Yi, a legend in the insurance and finance circles, is considered by many to be an enigma. Despite being successful, he lives a private life, preferring to remain out of the limelight. He is a firm believer in philanthropy and charity, and unknown to many, constantly gives to charity and back to society. He was an officer in the army, a holder of five degrees and professional qualifications, and most of all, the epitome of what a gentleman is supposed to be.

He credits his success on the lessons he has learnt from NLP. After experiencing NLP, he became so convinced of its effectiveness that he mastered NLP and attained certificated trainer status from the creator of NLP himself, Mr Richard Bandler.

Master Zhang, Ph.D

Professor Zhang grew up in a small hakka town in Hsinchu, Taiwan in the late 1960s. After he graduated from high school in the 1980s, he met a Buddhist master who is undergoing practice. Enlightening beings with golden Dharma and Ziwei astrology, he brought Professor Zhang into the learning of metaphysics.

Professor Zhang graduated from Tunghai University of Taiwan with a Ph.D. in history, expertise and focusing on religions in modern China and development of the mind and soul. During his dissertation, he read many valuable royal ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties literature from the National library of National Palace Museum in Taipei. This study laid the foundation of Professor Zhang’s numerology and academic foundation phase learning and with 20 years of training and practical trials, Professor Zhang strives to become one of the best that possesses both skills and knowledge.

Today, many are trying to bring metaphysics into ordinary people’s lives; yet superstitions and greed have been widespread in the Feng Shui field. Using new generation re-interpretation of Feng Shui, numerology, Professor Zhang tries to lead everyone to self-realization, respecting nature, finding enthusiasm in life, finding the key to changing life, and giving back to heaven, earth and harmonious attitude towards life.

Professor Zhang is currently a Professor teaching in Taiwan Institute of Management (Hsing-Kuo University) for Ching Management Program, “New Humane Society” (SNEHA), “Thoughts, life working studio” (The R.O Studio) etc. In 2007, he became a qualified teacher for “Healing Goddess of Mercy” (Magnified Healing of the God Most High of the Universe). In 2008, he took on the role of a consultant for many institutes and companies in countries such as Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai and Singapore.

At the Institute of Excellence, we aspire to inspire.

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